DocToolz for your workflow

September 4, 2019

Our company has developed a cloud workflow DocToolz system that helps to deploy e-workflow in your company without any costly development of in-house system


DocToolz is an e-workflow system for the streamlined in-house contract finalizing and secure cloud storage.

Unlike most workflow systems, DocToolz does not require expensive deployment and setup in the company – you may start using it just after signup.

This is the best solution for SMEs that helps arrange your workflow and get an access to your records at any time of the day and from anywhere globally.


When we developed the tool, we used the most cutting-edge data security technologies.
All records are stored on secure servers in a special datacenter with backup power supply, link channels and regular automatic backup.


You can use DocToolz not only from your desktop, but also from any tablet or mobile phone. And still, all the system functions are available without limitations. All you need are just internet connection and a comfortable device.

For your convenience, you should set up your email in your mobile device as you'll receive notifications from DocToolz which will help to get prompt information about document status and any new contracts to be finalized.

You can start using the service right way, just sign up and customize the system to fit for your company.