Corporate websites

Development of customized websites for web-marketing of your business. We do not use template solutions and build each website with due regard to customer needs and requests


We don’t use templates that make all websites similar to each other, instead, we create customized websites focused on our customers’ and their business needs


We develop and customize it for our clients offering just the functions they need. It makes the system intuitively clear and user-friendly and does not decelerate the website speed


Developing websites, we use only up-to-date technologies reducing design time to a minimum and making them user-friendly


Having launched a website, we offer comprehensive support to our customers and filling it with content, making our customers forget about any worries

Stages of work

  • Pre-project: we analyze the area, website requirements and make a technical design assignment.
  • Mockup & design: based on the completed technical design assignment, we mock up a future website and make a design.
  • Coding: we divide mockups into parts and code them into static HTML pages. We use up-to-date coding tools like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Programming & coding integration: we select the most suitable technologies for website building, and then we program using the finished mockups.
  • Project testing & completion:. we test all the website functions on the test domain and transfer the project on the master domain.
  • Website support & development.. We ensure that the website is available 24/7, set up analytics; and based on the obtained data, we prepare a proposal how to improve the functionality and which new functions to add.


Completed projects in this area