Web Services

Creation of complex web projects for high traffic and increased user activity


We have rich hands-on experience of developing such projects and know how they should function. Our personnel have launched many successful projects


In our development projects, we use tried-and-true modern technologies helping to withstand the load of several million users daily and making the website truly user-friendly


After its launch, we offer comprehensive support of the project and filling it with content, if necessary

Stages of work

  • Pre-project: we analyze the area, website requirements and make a technical design assignment.
  • Mockup & design: based on the completed technical design assignment, we mock up and make a design.
  • Coding: we divide mockups into parts and code them into static HTML pages. We use up-to-date coding tools like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Programming & coding integration: we select the most suitable technologies for the website building, and then we program using the finished mockups.
  • Project testing & launch:. we test all the project functions and launch it.
  • Support. We ensure that the website is available 24/7.


Completed projects in this area